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Having a fast broadband connection is one of the necessary things which we required for performing our task over the internet. We send data to each other, listen online music, perform our task, surf the internet for every little detail or did many other things. We all hate interruptions when we browse videos & movies or working on an important email over the internet. Such interruption delays the task and the user has to look for an instant support.


Internet experience is mainly based on the speed and data usage. The more data you consumed, the more speed you will get or the more devices you connect, you will get a limited speed of internet.


  • Speed is the most important factor for choosing a broadband. Whenever you are going to get a broadband connection, always keeps in mind that for which type of activities you are switching to broadband and how many devices are connected with the server.

Data Usage

  • Data usage is the amount of content which is transferred between two devices whether computer, laptop or tablet. In the data usage, it is depend on the time which is spent in surfing, streaming, downloading and uploading. Different type of task consumes different usage.
  • Ex- If you are sending a mail or you are downloading a video from internet, both will take same time but different data will be consumed in this time.

So while choosing a broadband connection, it is very important to think about all the factors which is mentioned above. If there is any issue in understanding the points, reach our Harbour ISP Technical Support Number 1-800-789-560 (AUS). Our team is well experienced and able to solve all the issues related to your Harbour ISP. Feel free to call us or get support from our team.

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